We are an Edinburgh based company offering photo repair, restoration and renovation services. We also offer web design, web hosting, logo design, and Microsoft Office consultancy services.

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My "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

Can I upload photos to you via the Web?
Yes, you can. Please go to the "Send me your photo" page.
Does everything have to be in "tif" file format?
No. I prefer this format for my high quality photograph restoration work, but for other purposes, a variety of file fomats may be suitable. For example, gif, png and jpg files for web images. I will always advise if the files I receive are not suitable for the intended purpose.
Do you alter the original photograph?
No, all my work is done digitally; the original is untouched and will be returned to you in the same condition as it was received.
Can I see my photograph before you print it?
Yes, just let me know when you send me the photograph. I will place a preview (reduced size) version of your photo in a secure folder on my server. You will be able to review your photograph online before I print it. I will provide you with a password for your photograph when it is ready for viewing.
I do not have the original photograph I'd like to restore - are you able to alter slides or negatives?
I can recreate prints from 35mm negatives and slides. I am not yet able to support other transparencies.
How long will it take once you receive my photos?
This really depends on what work is required. Every project is different. For what I term "simple" projects (contrast heightening of an old black and white print, for example), it can be a day or so. More complex restoration, retouching or special effects would require more time. However, I would aim to complete any project within 7 days at the outside.
Can you do web images for me?
Of course! Let me know what you need, and I'll do the rest!