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very small photograph, scratches removed, cleaned up, tears patched, damage covered up, contrast enhanced, old photographs repaired

This was a very small photograph (2" wide x 3" tall) of the client and her grandad, that the client wanted blown up to fit a particular frame. Our work was therefore targeted towards creating the biggest enlargement we could, to fit the measurements given by the client.

A very high resolution scan was made, and the image was cropped immediately to remove unimportant (and damaged) areas. The damage that remained was then fixed (note the creases in the sky at the upper right, the ragged tear at the very bottom of the image, and the crease that runs down across grandad's front).

There was also a biro pen mark that needed removing (the dark mark on the girl's dress).

Numerous other fixes were done, and the contrast was increased to give a better final print.

The Devil's in the Detail. One other fix we did, that isn't very obvious from this sample online image, was to sharpen up the image of the terrier dog in the foreground. This was done separately from the rest of the image, to bring the dog into sharper "focus" than it was in the original. This was at the special request of the client - the dog held particular sentimental value for her, and we were pleased to be able to do this improvement to the original photo. Contact us if you have a similar sort of photo problem you'd like to see corrected!