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To swap between the "before" and "after" views, move your mouse pointer off the picture and back again.

Faded colour photograph, contrast enhanced, recoloured, enlarged
This colour photo dated back to 1987, and had been on display in a frame. It was badly faded as a result, and it required some detailed work to bring it back.

As well as the recolouring, some clean up work was required to remove some speckling on the image.

Finally, the original 6" x 4" image was cropped to focus on the two people in the image. This allowed the final print to be enlarged before being replaced in the original frame.

One thing that this example shows, quite effectively, is the way that certain details that are washed out in the original, can be brought back. For example, the folds on the lady's jacket, and details on the faces. We still find this kind of result quite magical. Contact us if you have a similar sort of photo problem you'd like to see corrected!