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Corstorphine Trust photograph of

This is a fantastic, irreplaceable, turn of the 20th century photograph, printed on to a fairly thick board, with a bad crack all the way across. This detail shows the crack repaired, and the photo returned from brown and white to black and white. If only all building restoration work could be achieved in this way! Incidentally, the house in this image, Dunsmuir House, formerly in Corstorphine, no longer exists, so repairing the image is very important from an archival and historical perspective.

This photo is used with permission from the Corstorphine Trust, who hold the original image. We will be undertaking more work for the Trust in the near future, so come back for more examples soon!

If you click on the image, you will be taken to the Corstorphine Trust's website (in a new browser window).

Contact us if you have a similar sort of photo problem you'd like to see corrected!